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Cradle2Cradel Bizz: week 32 - OVAM

Last week I went to Mechelen in Belgium together with my colleague Pieter Reus to visit OVAM, the Flemish waste management organization. The aim of our visit was to exchange information.


A lot of time was spent on the project Pieter is doing. I don't think I mentioned his work before, but it's a very important part of the SRE materials transition programme. He has done pilots on the optimization and innovation of the collection of household waste. In this pilots he showed that it's possible for households to have only 7 kg's of real waste per person per year. His project is of national interest and also the Flemish people are interested. They have been frontrunners in the decrease of household waste, but now they seem to have reached their limits. Maybe Pieter's way of working can help them to reach new goals.


For me the part about the action plan of the Flemish materials programme was the most interesting. The programme consist of three pillars: action (the action plan), vision (the Flemish transition network on materials, Plan C) and research (SuMMa, for research to support the policy making on materials).

The action plan has nine levers and five action for each lever, so 45 actions in total. The most interesting for us are:

  • The meetings they want to organize about sustainable design. These are very similar to the meetings of our frontrunners group, so maybe we can exchange experiences.
  • The design tools they already have developed and will develop in the future, especially the SIS Toolkit, that has just been published. Maybe we can promote these tools as well for Dutch companies.
  • The platform for industrial symbiosis they want to develop. This seems to be exactly the same as our continuous loops tool, so I think it would be a shame to do the same thing twice.
  • The results of the actions they want to undertake for the building industry. These can be useful for our contacts with building companies.
  • The results of the researches that will be done. These results can help us to choose the right actions.

I hope we can exchange more information in the future and maybe even work together on some actions.


The next two weeks I will be enjoying my summer holiday and there will be no weblog.

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