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Project BioenNW: Opportunities in cooperation

This is the first blog about the project BioenNW, and it is also the first blog I write. As a projectmanager in the City Region of Eindhoven I’m excited to be partner in the bio-energy project. There’s some great innovation going on in this project. As a result of joined efforts new opportunities to process biomass come within reach. Not only to make power and heat, but also to extract high quality and renewable raw materials for the Biobased economy. That is the challenge of the project.



Focus of the project

The focus of the project - namely innovation, collaboration with all relevant stake holders and learning from each other across borders - fits very well with our organization and region. The Region of Eindhoven is known as a hotspot for innovation, knowledge and new technology. That is why our region is often called the ‘’Brainport area’’. The economic success of Brainport Eindhoven Region is the result of a unique cooperationamong industry, research and government, in an open innovation environment. The region is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and home to world-class businesses (ASML, Philips, DAF Trucks) and knowledge and research institutes (Technical University of Eindhoven, TNO).



Opportunities for innovation

The City Region of Eindhoven (SRE) represents the Brainport region in the BioenNW project. In our organization 21 municipalities are working together for the public interest. Eindhoven and Helmond are the main cities of our region but we also have a large rural area with intensive livestock and a concentration of agricultural and food companies. The BioenNW project helps us to capitalize the opportunities for innovation in the new biobased economy in which renewable fuels and raw materials from biomass replace fossil fuels and materials.



The challenge

The last year we mainly worked on building up our network in the field. It’s growing rapidly; more and more stakeholders  are interested and know how to find us. The big challenge is to connect the different actors in the field, so they can reinforce each other. At the same time we help stakeholders with innovative project ideas, for example to find subsidies.


Concluding, we are really happy to be part of the BioenNW partnership. It opens a whole new network to learn from each other and brings opportunities to make innovation really happen in the field of bioenergy.



Barbara Marcus

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